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Crossmodal Integration - TAP 2.3.1

In everyday life, we recognise a person by their voice or their gait, and an object by its characteristic sounds, smell or tactile features. In short, we have a multimodal impression of persons and objects that enables us to identify them and to localize them rapidly in space.

In this task, the critical combination of a preceding tone (high or low) and a subsequent visual stimulus (an arrow pointing up or down) should be detected. A target stimulus occurs when the pitch of the tone and the direction of the arrow are in agreement (high pitch and an arrow pointing up or a low tone and an arrow pointing down).

Screenshot of the subtest "Cross-Modal Integration" of TAP 2.2

The instruction screen of the subtest "Cross-modal Integration" of TAP 2.3 (to get a larger view (1024*768) - opening in a new browser window - please click on the image)

Execution time: 2,5 minutes