Included in delivery:

  • manual
  • response keys (only with first and additional licenses)
  • USB key adapter
  • USB license dongle (only first and additional license; with update only if technically necessary) with installation software

Windows 11: The TAP, KiTAP and TAP-M have not yet been released for Windows 11 !


Person entitled to purchase: Please note that we distribute our software only to trained graduate psychologists (Diplom, M.Sc. or B.Sc.) and other professionals with appropriate expertise in psychological diagnostics. If necessary, an appropriate proof of expertise must be provided upon request. If the tests are conducted by other persons, we would like to ask you to specify which psychologist or other expert will supervise the application.







Additional manuals and response keys by request in the field "Additional Comments"

TAP 2.3.1
TAP-M 1.3.2
KiTAP 1.5.1