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Test of Attentional Performance - Mobility Version


Test of Attentional Performance for Children

Attention diagnostics with Psytest

The Test of Attentional Performance (TAP) is a software package that can be used primarily to examine attention functions, but also aspects of visual perception in adults and children. The test battery consists of a variety of tests that allow a diferentiated look at the various facets of attention. For the interpretation of the results, norm values are given, taking age, gender and education into account. Results can be printed out and exported in several ways for further processing. The test battery is currently available in 15 different languages.

The TAP-M, the "mobility version" of the Test of Attentional Performance, was developed especially for the assessment of driver fitness and offers an adapted selection of test procedures and the possibility of having age-uncorrected norm values output - a requirement of the German Fahreignungsverordnung (FEV).

The KiTAP is a child-friendly version of the Test of Attentional Performance, which is particularly suitable for younger school children due to the embedding of the test procedures in a story about a ghost castle and the use of colourful pictures as stimulus material.

The three test batteries are certified as Class I medical devices according to Directive 93/42/EEC.