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Working Memory - TAP 2.3.1

Working memory may be understood as a system that maintains the information necessary for solving complex problems and processing multi-level tasks or aspects of a situation in order to generate an overall picture. An essential aspect of this is that, depending on the task and the goals of the individual, the content of working memory must be updated continually. Deficits in working memory can therefore lead to considerable difficulties in solving problems, structuring complex work processes or adapting to a given situation, independent of problems in memory in the form of impaired encoding, consolidation, and retrieval.

This task examines the control of information flow and the updating of information in working memory. A sequence of numbers is presented to the subject on the monitor. The subject is required to determine whether each number - depending on the condition - corresponds with the previous number or the one before that. Three conditions with different levels of difficulty can be selected.

The test is not suitable for patients with language disorders because of its verbal material.

Screenshot of the Subtest "Working Memory" of TAP 2.3

The instruction screen of the subtest "Working Memory - level of difficulty 3" of TAP 2.3 (to get a larger view (1024*768) - opening in a new browser window - please click on the image)

Execution time: 5 minutes