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YearFirst AuthorTitleTypeJournalVolumeIssuePagesGoogle
2018Barbu, CristinaThe Impact of Language Switching Frequency on Attentional and Executive Functioning in Proficient Bilingual AdultsJournal ArticlePsychologica Belgica581G P
2018Baum, KathlenInformationsverarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit – alter Hut oder aktuelles Konstrukt? Ein konzeptionelles ReviewJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Neuropsychologie292G P
2018Boxhoorn, SaraAttention profiles in autism spectrum disorder and subtypes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderJournal ArticleEuropean Child & Adolescent PsychiatryG P
2018Campbell, EvanHigh intensity interval training for people with multiple sclerosis: A systematic reviewJournal ArticleMultiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders2455-63G P
2018De Luca, F.Episodic future thinking and future-based decision-making in a case of retrograde amnesiaJournal ArticleNeuropsychologia110G P
2018Emser, Theresa S.Assessing ADHD symptoms in children and adults: evaluating the role of objective measuresJournal ArticleBehavioral and Brain Functions14111G P
2018Fresson, MeganInfluence of diagnosis threat and illness cognitions on the cognitive performance of people with acquired brain injuryJournal ArticleNeuropsychological RehabilitationG P
2018Frey, AnnaCognitive Deficits and Related Brain Lesions in Patients With Chronic Heart FailureJournal ArticleJournal of Clinical NeuroscienceG P
2018Gilsoul, JessicaDo attentional capacities and processing speed mediate the effect of age on executive functioning?Journal ArticleAging, Neuropsychology, and CognitionG P
2018Held, Jeremia P. O.Inertial Sensor Measurements of Upper-Limb Kinematics in Stroke Patients in Clinic and Home EnvironmentJournal ArticleFrontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology627G P
2018Hennig, SteveErfassung der Tagesschläfrigkeit mittels des Fahrsimulators DASS im Vergleich zu etablierten MessverfahrenThesisG P
2018Kornfeld, SalomeResting-state connectivity and executive functions after pediatric arterial ischemic strokeJournal ArticleNeuroImage: Clinical17Supplement C359-367G P
2018Langrock, ChristianThyroid Hormone Status in Overweight Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderJournal ArticleHormone research in paediatricsG P
2018Leanza, LetiziaThe relationship between negative symptoms and cognitive functioning in patients at clinical high risk for psychosisJournal ArticlePsychiatry ResearchG P
2018Li, Cheng-TaAttenuated Motor Cortical Responsiveness to Motor and Cognitive Tasks in Generalized Anxiety DisorderJournal ArticleNeuropsychiatry (London)G P
2018Lowe, C. J.The effects of theta burst stimulation (TBS) targeting the prefrontal cortex on executive functioning: A systematic review and meta-analysisJournal ArticleNeuropsychologia111G P
2018Luauté, JacquesAdding Methylphenidate to prism-adaptation improves outcome in neglect patients. A randomized clinical trialJournal ArticleCortexG P
2018Lupo, MichelaDevelopment of a Psychiatric Disorder Linked to Cerebellar LesionsJournal ArticleCNS Neuroscience & TherapeuticsG P
2018Pareto, DeborahClassic Block Design “Pseudo”-Resting-State fMRI Changes After a Neurorehabilitation Program in Patients with Multiple SclerosisJournal ArticleJournal of Neuroimaging283313-319G P
2018Petit, ElisabethEffects of a 20-Min Nap Post Normal and Jet Lag Conditions on P300 Components in AthletesJournal ArticleJACC: Heart FailureG P
2018Pflueger, Marlon O.The neuropsychology of emerging psychosis and the role of working memory in episodic memory encodingJournal ArticlePsychology research and behavior management11G P
2018Roux, PaulPsychiatric disability as mediator of the neurocognition-functioning link in schizophrenia spectrum disorders: SEM analysis using the Evaluation of Cognitive Processes involved in Disability in Schizophrenia (ECPDS) scaleJournal ArticleSchizophrenia ResearchG P
2018Schönhoff, MirjamCognitive performance of 20 healthy humans supplemented with L-homoarginine for 4?weeksJournal ArticleJournal of Cognitive NeuroscienceG P
2018Schümann, DirkDissociation of immediate and delayed effects of emotional arousal on episodic memoryJournal ArticleNeurobiology of Learning and Memory148G P
2018Short, Michelle A.Cognition and objectively measured sleep duration in children: a systematic review and meta-analysisJournal ArticleSleep HealthG P
2018Stangl, MatthiasCompromised Grid-Cell-like Representations in Old Age as a Key Mechanism to Explain Age-Related Navigational DeficitsJournal ArticleCurrent BiologyG P
2018Sterr, A.Post-stroke insomnia in community-dwelling patients with chronic motor stroke: Physiological evidence and implications for stroke careJournal ArticleScientific Reports81G P
2018ter Telgte, AnnemiekeInvestigating the origin and evolution of cerebral small vessel disease: The RUN DMC – InTENse studyJournal ArticleEuropean Stroke JournalG P
2018Trempler, ImaAssociation of grey matter changes with stability and flexibility of prediction in akinetic-rigid Parkinson’s diseaseJournal ArticleBrain Structure and FunctionG P
2018Wehrle, Flavia MariaLong-term neuroprotective effect of erythropoietin on executive functions in very preterm children (EpoKids): protocol of a prospective follow-up studyJournal ArticleBMJ Open84G P
2018Woost, LuisePhysical Exercise and Spatial Training: A Longitudinal Study of Effects on Cognition, Growth Factors, and Hippocampal PlasticityJournal ArticleScientific Reports81G P
2018Zeller, Julia B. M.Reduced spontaneous low frequency oscillations as measured with functional near-infrared spectroscopy in mild cognitive impairmentJournal ArticleBrain Imaging and BehaviorG P
2018Zenouzi, RomanPatients with primary biliary cholangitis and fatigue present with depressive symptoms and selected cognitive deficits, but with normal attention performance and brain structureJournal ArticlePLoS ONE131G P
2018Zheng, GuohuaEffect of Baduanjin exercise on cognitive function in patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialJournal ArticleBMJ Open86G P
2017Adamski, NataliaCognitive Decline in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa: Which Cognitive Domains are Most Vulnerable and Need to be Considered?Journal ArticleClinical and Experimental Psychology33G P
2017Albrecht, Johanna S.Effects of a structured 20-session slow-cortical-potential-based neurofeedback program on attentional performance in children and adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: retrospective analysis of an open-label pilot-approach and 6-monthJournal ArticleNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment13G P
2017Bourlon, ClémenceCortico-thalamic disconnection in a patient with supernumerary phantom limbJournal ArticleExperimental Brain ResearchG P
2017Brändle, Barbara ElisabethAusprägung und Veränderungen klinischer Marker in der Frühphase des Morbus ParkinsonThesisG P
2017Breit, S.Posterior fossa syndrome with a large inflammatory ponto-mesencephalic lesionJournal ArticleBrain and Cognition111107-111G P
2017Brokate, BarbaraChrakteristik depressiver Symptome bei psychischen Erkrankungen und Multipler Sklerose – eine retrospektive DatenanalyseJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Neuropsychologie28G P
2017Buhmann, CarstenFahreignung bei Morbus ParkinsonJournal articleFortschr Neurol PsychiatrG P
2017Cornu, CatherineA double-blind placebo-controlled randomised trial of omega-3 supplementation in children with moderate ADHD symptomsJournal ArticleEuropean Child & Adolescent PsychiatryG P
2017Cozac, V. V.Among Early Appearing Non-Motor Signs of Parkinson's Disease, Alteration of Olfaction but Not Electroencephalographic Spectrum Correlates with Motor FunctionJournal ArticleFront Neurol8545G P
2017Dehn, Lorenz B.Training in a comprehensive everyday-like virtual reality environment compared to computerized cognitive training for patients with depressionJournal ArticleComputers in Human Behavior7940-52G P
2017Demily, CarolineAutism spectrum disorder associated with 49,XYYYY: case report and review of the literatureJournal ArticleBMC Medical Genetics1819G P
2017Dirks, M.Persistent neuropsychiatric impairment in HCV patients despite clearance of the virus?!Journal ArticleJournal of Viral HepatitisG P
2017Elmer, StefanFaster native vowel discrimination learning in musicians is mediated by an optimization of mnemonic functionsJournal ArticleNeuropsychologia104G P
2017Endres, DominiqueSteroid-Responsive Chronic Schizophreniform Syndrome in the Context of Mildly Increased Antithyroid Peroxidase AntibodiesJournal ArticleFrontiers in Psychiatry864G P
2017Fehlmann, BernhardDer Stroop-Interference-NoGo-Test (STING) – Ein schnelles Screeningverfahren zur globalen Erfassung neuropsychologischer BeeinträchtigungenJournal ArticleAktuelle Neurologie445312-321G P
2017Fehlmann, BernhardThe Stroop-Interference-NoGo-Test (STING): A Fast Screening Tool for the Global Assessment of Neuropsychological ImpairmentsJournal ArticleNeurology International Open12E98-E106G P
2017Fimm, BrunoNeuropsychological effects of occupational exposure to polychlorinated biphenylsJournal ArticleNeurotoxicologyG P
2017Flachenecker, P.Neuropsychological Training of Attention Improves MS-Related Fatigue: Results of a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Pilot StudyJournal ArticleEuropean Neurology785-6312-317G P
2017Fresson, MeganThe Role of Self-Transcendence and Cognitive Processes in the Response Expectancy EffectJournal ArticlePsychologica Belgica57177-92G P
2017Frisch, StephanApathy and Cognitive Deficits in Patients with Transient Global Ischemia After Cardiac ArrestJournal ArticleCognitive and behavioral neurology304G P
2017Giroud, NathalieNeuroanatomical and resting state EEG power correlates of central hearing loss in older adultsJournal articleBrain Structure and FunctionG P
2017Graf, HeikoNoradrenergic modulation of neural erotic stimulus perceptionJournal ArticleEuropean Neuropsychopharmacology279845-853G P
2017Hansen, SaschaNeuropsychological Assessment in Multiple SclerosisJournal articleZeitschrift für Neuropsychologie282117-148G P
2017Hermelink, KerstinRE: Post-traumatic Stress as the Primary Cause for Cognitive Decline—Not the Whole Story, and Perhaps No Story at AllJournal articleJNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute10910G P
2017Hoffmann, VanessaEinfluss von chronisch subjektivem Tinnitus auf das ArbeitsgedächtnisJournal ArticleSprache Stimme Gehör414G P
2017Joswig, HolgerNeurodegenerative cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers tau and amyloid beta predict functional, quality of life, and neuropsychological outcomes after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhageJournal articleNeurosurgical ReviewG P
2017Kaschka, Wolfgang P.The chemo brain: Severe cognitive decline following chemotherapy of breast cancerJournal ArticleNew Horizons in Clinical Case Reports2G P
2017Keune, Philipp M.Exploring resting-state EEG brain oscillatory activity in relation to cognitive functioning in multiple sclerosisJournal articleClinical Neurophysiology12891746-1754G P
2017Khalighinejad, N.Subliminal modulation of voluntary action experience: a neuropsychological investigationJournal ArticleCortexG P
2017Kober, Silvia ErikaUpper Alpha Based Neurofeedback Training in Chronic Stroke: Brain Plasticity Processes and Cognitive EffectsJournal ArticleApplied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback42169-83G P
2017Köhler, WolfgangInformation processing deficits as a driving force for memory impairment in MS: A cross-sectional study of memory functions and MRI in early and late stage MSJournal ArticleMultiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders18119-127G P
2017Leedo, EvaThe effectiveness of healthy meals at work on reaction time, mood and dietary intake: a randomised cross-over study in daytime and shift workers at an university hospitalJournal ArticleBritish Journal of Nutrition1182121-129G P
2017Lewis, Frances C.Evidence of substantial development of inhibitory control and sustained attention between 6 and 8years of age on an unpredictable Go/No-Go taskJournal ArticleJournal of Experimental Child Psychology15766-80G P
2017Malegiannaki, Amaryllis-ChryssiDevelopment of Attentional Functions in School-Age: Evidence from both Traditional and Computerized TasksJournal ArticleJournal of Educational and Developmental Psychology71G P
2017Marangolo, PaolaTranscranial Cerebellar Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Enhances Verb Generation but Not Verb Naming in Poststroke AphasiaJournal ArticleJournal of Cognitive Neuroscience0G P
2017Martin, ElodieAlteration of rhythmic unimanual tapping and anti-phase bimanual coordination in Alzheimer’s disease: A sign of inter-hemispheric disconnection?Journal ArticleHuman Movement Science55G P
2017Matteo, Barbara MariaTranscranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with blindsight rehabilitation for the treatment of homonymous hemianopia: a report of two-casesJournal articleJournal of Physical Therapy Science2991700-1705G P
2017Meichtry, Jurka R.Pure optic ataxia and visual hemiagnosia – extending the dual visual hypothesisJournal ArticleJournal of NeuropsychologyG P
2017Moritz, S.Neurocognitive deficits in schizophrenia. Are we making mountains out of molehills?Journal ArticlePsychological MedicineG P
2017Moritz, SteffenAre we exaggerating neuropsychological impairment in depression? Reopening a closed chapterJournal ArticleExpert Review of Neurotherapeutics178839-846G P
2017Moritz, SteffenDoes impairment in neuropsychological tests equal neuropsychological impairment in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? Momentary influences, testing attitude, and motivation are related to neuropsychological performance in OCDJournal ArticleJournal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders14G P
2017Moroso, AmandineMicrostructural analyses of the posterior cerebellar lobules in relapsing-onset multiple sclerosis and their implication in cognitive impairmentJournal articlePLoS ONE128G P
2017Müller, PatrickEvolution of Neuroplasticity in Response to Physical Activity in Old Age: The Case for DancingJournal ArticleFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience956G P
2017Nau, Anne L.Cognitive impairment and quality of life of people with epilepsy and neurocysticercosis in ZambiaJournal ArticleEpilepsy & BehaviorG P
2017Neher, TobiasCharacterizing the binaural contribution to speech-in-noise reception in elderly hearing-impaired listenersJournal ArticleThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America1412EL159-EL163G P
2017Neher, TobiasSpeech reception with different bilateral directional processing schemes: Influence of binaural hearing, audiometric asymmetry, and acoustic scenarioJournal ArticleHearing Research353G P
2017Overbeck, JeannetteNeuropsychological Outcome following Resuscitation after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A One-Year Follow-UpJournal ArticleCase Reports in Cardiology20175G P
2017Panou, MariaA tool for assessing elderly drivers with MCIJournal ArticleInternational Journal of Transportation Systems231-36G P
2017Paucke, M.P 150 The correlation of attention and neurophysiological characteristics in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Journal ArticleClinical Neurophysiology12810e401G P
2017Pletschko, T.Cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma in childhood: Investigating the long-term impact of surgery on cognitive performance and functional outcomeJournal ArticleDev NeurorehabilG P
2017Polak, ThomasNear-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and vagus somatosensory evoked potentials (VSEP) in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease: rationale, design, methods, and first baseline data of the Vogel studyJournal ArticleJournal of Neural TransmissionG P
2017Popp, PaulineCognitive deficits in patients with a chronic vestibular failureJournal ArticleJournal of NeurologyG P
2017Popp, PaulineCognitive deficits in patients with a chronic vestibular failureJournal ArticleJournal of NeurologyG P
2017Porzych, KatarzynaChange of the state of the natural antioxidant barrier of a body and psychological parameters in patients aged above 60 years oldJournal ArticleOxidative Medicine and Cellular LongevityG P
2017Puyjarinet, FrédéricChildren and adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder cannot move to the beatJournal articleNature: Scientific Reports7G P
2017Reichert, Johanna L.Neuronal correlates of cognitive function in patients with childhood cerebellar tumor lesionsJournal ArticlePLoS ONE127G P
2017Ren, XuezhuOn the relationship between executive functions of working memory and components derived from fluid intelligence measuresJournal articleActa Psychologica180G P
2017Roswandowitz, ClaudiaObligatory and facultative brain regions for voice-identity recognitionJournal ArticleBrainG P
2017Rupp, Claudia I.Impact of social cognition on alcohol dependence treatment outcome: Poorer facial emotion recognition predicts relapse/dropoutJournal ArticleAlcoholism: Clinical and Experimental ResearchG P
2017Sattar, L.Hyperglycemia induces attention and gait deficits in diabetic mellitus patientsJournal ArticleActa DiabetologicaG P
2017Schättin, AlexandraInfluence of exergame training and its combination with omega-3 fatty acids on the elderly brainThesisG P
2017Schmidt, Martin HaraldEvaluation psychometrischer Verfahren zur Verbesserung der Diagnostik von ADHS im Kindes-, Jugend- und ErwachsenenalterThesisG P
2017Schmidt, P.Cognitive Functioning in Formerly Opioid-Dependent Adults after At Least 1 Year of Abstinence: A Naturalistic StudyJournal ArticleEuropean Addiction Research236G P
2017Schönenberg, MichaelNeurofeedback, sham neurofeedback, and cognitive-behavioural group therapy in adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a triple-blind, randomised, controlled trialJournal ArticleThe Lancet Psychiatry49673-684G P
2017Stielow, AnnaDer Beitrag exekutiver und sprachlicher Teilleistungen in semantischen und formal-lexikalischen WortflüssigkeitsaufgabenJournal ArticleSprache Stimme Gehör414G P
2017Straudi, SofiaThe effects of video game therapy on balance and attention in chronic ambulatory traumatic brain injury: an exploratory studyJournal ArticleBMC Neurology17186G P
2017Suffren, SabrinaLong-term attention deficits combined with subcortical and cortical structural central nervous system alterations in young adults born small for gestational ageJournal ArticleEarly Human Development110G P
2017Szymaszek, AnetaThe Treatment Based on Temporal Information Processing Reduces Speech Comprehension Deficits in Aphasic SubjectsJournal ArticleFrontiers in Aging Neuroscience998G P
2017Tkaczynska, ZuzannaAssociation between cognitive impairment and urinary dysfunction in Parkinson’s diseaseJournal ArticleJournal of Neural TransmissionG P
2017Turgut, NergizA study on the independence of egocentric and allocentric neglectJournal ArticleCortexG P
2017Utz, Kathrin S.Visual feedback explains why propointing is better than antipointing in spatial neglectJournal ArticleCortexG P
2017Vallat-Azouvi, ClairePsychometric properties of the French version of the Rating Scale of Attentional BehaviourJournal ArticleNeuropsychological RehabilitationG P
2017Vallejo, VanessaEvaluation of a new Serious Game based multitasking assessment tool for cognition and activities of daily living: comparison with a real cooking taskJournal ArticleComputers in Human BehaviorG P
2017Veenstra-VanderWeele, JeremyTranslation in fragile X: no home runs in the first at-batJournal articleJournal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders9121G P
2017Vogt, Viola LaraCurrent standards of neuropsychological assessment in epilepsy surgery centers across EuropeJournal ArticleEpilepsiaG P
2017Waltschew, Katharina GabrieleKognitive Effekte einer Serie akzelerierter repetitiver transkranieller Magnetstimulation (aTMS) bei Patienten mit bisher medikamentös therapieresistenter Depression ThesisG P
2017Wermelinger, StephanieInterference of action perception on action production increases across the adult life spanJournal ArticleExperimental Brain ResearchG P
2017Wilke, MelanieReach and grasp deficits following damage to the dorsal pulvinarJournal ArticleCortexG P
2017Wirkner, JanineCognitive functioning and emotion processing in breast cancer survivors and controls: An ERP pilot studyJournal ArticlePsychophysiologyG P
2017Wirt, TamaraHealth Promotion in Primary Schools- Evaluation of Side-Effects on Cognitive and Academic Performance in a Randomized TrialJournal ArticleInternational Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology42G P
2017Ye, ZhengAudiovisual speech integration in the superior temporal region is dysfunctional in dyslexiaJournal ArticleNeuroscience356G P
2017Zimmer, PhilippHigh-intensity interval exercise improves cognitive performance and reduces matrix metalloproteinases-2 serum levels in persons with multiple sclerosis: A randomized controlled trialJournal ArticleMultiple SclerosisG P
2016Ablinger, IreneDiverging receptive and expressive word processing mechanisms in a deep dyslexic readerJournal ArticleNeuropsychologia811-12G P
2016Adams, Lisa ChristineAssociation of childhood trauma, socio-economic status and neighborhood status with cognitive functionThesisG P
2016Arnould, AnnabelleDoes multitasking mediate the relationships between episodic memory, attention, executive functions and apathetic manifestations in traumatic brain injury?Journal ArticleJournal of NeuropsychologyG P
2016Ballhausen, NicolaChildren°s Planning Performance in the Zoo Map Task (BADS-C): Is it Driven by General Cognitive Ability, Executive Functioning, or Prospection?Journal ArticleApplied Neuropsychology: ChildG P
2016Bertens, DirkDoin’ it right - Assessment and errorless learning of executive skills after brain injuryThesisG P
2016Bertens, DirkTransfer effects of errorless Goal Management Training on cognitive function and quality of life in brain-injured personsJournal ArticleNeuroRehabilitation38179-84G P
2016Bertossi, ElenaStuck in the here and now: Construction of fictitious and future experiences following ventromedial prefrontal damageJournal ArticleNeuropsychologia81107-116G P
2016Bioulac, StéphanieObjective Level of Alertness and Inhibitory Control Predict Highway Driving Impairment in Adults With ADHDJournal ArticleJournal of Attention DisordersG P
2016Bisch, J.Emotion perception in adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorderJournal ArticleJournal of Neural Transmission1238961-970G P
2016Briken, SvenEffects of exercise on Irisin, BDNF and IL-6 serum levels in patients with progressive multiple sclerosisJournal ArticleJournal of Neuroimmunology29953-58G P
2016Brösel, D.Das 2-Skalen-Modell des National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ) zur Erfassung der sehbezogenen LebensqualitätJournal ArticleKlinische Monatsblätter für AugenheilkundeG P
2016Camara Lopez, M.Ecological assessment of divided attention: What about the current tools and the relevancy of virtual realityJournal ArticleRevue Neurologique1724–5270-280G P
2016Chamard, LudivineCognitive Impairment Involving Social Cognition in SPG4 Hereditary Spastic ParaplegiaJournal ArticleBehavioural NeurologyG P
2016Chamard, LudivineExecutive and Attentional Disorders, Epilepsy and Porencephalic Cyst in Autosomal Recessive Cerebellar Ataxia Type 3 Due to ANO10 MutationJournal ArticleEuropean Neurology753-4186-190G P
2016Claros-Salinas, DoloresMBOR in der Neurologie – Bedarf und TherapiesteuerungJournal ArticleNeuroreha8128-34G P
2016Cogné, MélanieThe effect of contextual auditory stimuli on virtual spatial navigation in patients with focal hemispheric lesionsJournal ArticleNeuropsychological RehabilitationG P
2016Crutcher, E.Assessment of Cognitive Outcome Measures in Teenagers with 15q13.3 Microdeletion SyndromeJournal ArticleJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders4641455-1463G P
2016Dall'Acqua, PatriziaConnectomic and Surface-Based Morphometric Correlates of Acute Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryJournal ArticleFrontiers in Human Neuroscience10127G P
2016D'Urso, GiordanoTranscranial direct current stimulation for obsessive–compulsive disorder: A randomized, controlled, partial crossover trialJournal ArticleDepression and AnxietyG P
2016Ernst, AlexandraAutobiographical memory and the self in a single-case of chronic unilateral spatial neglectJournal ArticleNeurocase223276-280G P
2016Fimm, BrunoEffect of sleep deprivation and low arousal on eye movements and spatial attentionJournal ArticleNeuropsychologiaG P
2016Finke, CarstenEvaluation of Cognitive Deficits and Structural Hippocampal Damage in Encephalitis With Leucine-Rich, Glioma-Inactivated 1 AntibodiesJournal ArticleJAMA NeurolG P
2016Formisano, RitaQuality of life in persons after traumatic brain injury as self-perceived and as perceived by the caregiversJournal ArticleNeurological SciencesG P
2016Friedrich, MelanieDepressivität und Kognition in der neuropsychologischen Rehabilitation nach SchlaganfallJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Neuropsychologie27129-36G P
2016Fuermaier, Anselm B. M.Effects of Methylphenidate on Memory Functions of Adults with ADHDJournal ArticleApplied Neuropsychology: AdultG P
2016Gaudelus, BaptisteImproving Facial Emotion Recognition in Schizophrenia: a Controlled Study Comparing Specific and Attentional Focused Cognitive RemediationJournal ArticleFrontiers in Psychiatry7105G P
2016Geisseler, O.Cortical thinning in the anterior cingulate cortex predicts multiple sclerosis patients' fluency performance in a lateralised mannerJournal ArticleNeuroImage: Clinical1089-95G P
2016Geisseler, OliviaThe relevance of cortical lesions in patients with multiple sclerosisJournal ArticleBMC Neurology161204G P
2016Gili, TommasoRight sensory-motor functional networks subserve action observation therapy in aphasiaJournal ArticleBrain Imaging and BehaviorG P
2016Giordano, V.Differences in attentional functioning between preterm and full-term children underline the importance of new neuropsychological detection techniquesJournal ArticleActa PaediatricaG P
2016Glienke, KatharinaAcute social stress before the planning phase improves memory performance in a complex real life-related prospective memory taskJournal ArticleNeurobiology of Learning and Memory133171-181G P
2016Gmehlin, DennisAttentional Lapses of Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Tasks of Sustained AttentionJournal ArticleArchives of Clinical NeuropsychologyG P
2016Göbel, AnnaEffect of Mild Thyrotoxicosis on Performance and Brain Activations in a Working Memory TaskJournal ArticlePLoS ONE118G P
2016Göbel, AnnaMild thyrotoxicosis leads to brain perfusion changes: An arterial spin labeling studyJournal ArticleJournal of NeuroendocrinologyG P
2016Gradtke, Corinna ViktoriaKognitive Funktionen von Patienten mit Hirntumor im frühen postoperativen Verlauf ThesisG P
2016Günther, ThomasAufmerksamkeit und Leseleistungen bei Kindern mit ADHS, Lese- und Rechtschreibstörung und der komorbiden StörungJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und PsychotherapieG P
2016Haag, SilviaNo differences in visual theory of mind abilities between euthymic bipolar patients and healthy controlsJournal ArticleInternational Journal of Bipolar Disorders4120G P
2016Halbgebauer, SteffenModified serpinA1 as risk marker for Parkinson’s disease dementia: Analysis of baseline dataJournal ArticleScientific Reports6G P
2016Handtke, JulianeDer Einfluss unterschiedlicher Sportaktivitäten auf die kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit im höheren LebensalterThesisG P
2016Hanken, K.Different cortical underpinnings for fatigue and depression in MS?Journal ArticleMult Scler Relat Disord681-86G P
2016Harbeck, BirgitExploring the Impact of Short- and Long-Term Hydrocortisone Replacement on Cognitive Function, Quality of Life and Catecholamine Secretion: A Pilot StudyJournal ArticleApplied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback413341-347G P
2016Hennig, TimoMediation and Moderation of Outcome in a Training Intervention for Adolescents With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderJournal ArticleJournal of Cognitive Education and Psychology153412-427G P
2016Hessl, DavidThe NIH Toolbox Cognitive Battery for intellectual disabilities: three preliminary studies and future directionsJournal ArticleJournal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders811-18G P
2016Jacobs, UrsulaFahreignung nach neurologischen Erkrankungen - Eine Analyse des Fahrverhaltens und eine Evaluation von praktischem FahrtrainingThesisG P
2016Kaiser, Marie-LaureTroubles moteurs chez les enfants présentant un trouble du déficit de l’attention et/ou hyperactivité (TDA/H)Journal ArticleApproche Neuropsychologique des Apprentissages chez l'Enfant14079-84G P
2016Kallweit, ClaudiaEvaluation of an Executive Functioning Test Battery in Two Versions with Material Close to Daily LifeJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Neuropsychologie274245-256G P
2016Kerns, Kimberly A.Attention and Working Memory Training: A Feasibility Study in Children with Neurodevelopmental DisordersJournal ArticleApplied Neuropsychology: ChildG P
2016Kharabian Masouleh, S.Functional connectivity alterations in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection: A multimodal MRI studyJournal ArticleJournal of Viral HepatitisG P
2016Kleih, Sonja C.Toward a P300 Based Brain-Computer Interface for Aphasia Rehabilitation after Stroke: Presentation of Theoretical Considerations and a Pilot Feasibility StudyJournal ArticleFrontiers in Human Neuroscience10547G P
2016Kluckow, Steffen W.What you get from what you see: Parametric assessment of visual processing capacity in multiple sclerosis and its relation to cognitive fatigueJournal ArticleCortex83167-180G P
2016Koppelmans, VincentRegional cerebellar volumetric correlates of manual motor and cognitive functionJournal ArticleBrain Structure and FunctionG P
2016Kuhn, Jörg-TobiasBasic numerical processing, calculation, and working memory in children with dyscalculia and/or ADHD symptomsJournal ArticleZeitschrift für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und PsychotherapieG P
2016Küst, JuttaFahreignung bei neurologischen ErkrankungenJournal ArticleNeuroreha8120-27G P
2016Küster, Olivia C.Cognitive Reserve in Alzheimer's Dementia: Diagnostic Accuracy of a Testing-the-Limits ParadigmJournal ArticleJournal of Alzheimer's Disease522519-528G P
2016Laricchiuta, DanielaEffects of Anti-NMDA Antibodies on Functional Recovery and Synaptic Rearrangement Following HemicerebellectomyJournal ArticleNeuromolecular Med182190-202G P
2016Mak, MonikaExecutive Function Deficits in Patients after Cerebellar NeurosurgeryJournal ArticleJournal of the International Neuropsychological Society22147-57G P
2016Masson, NicolasDuration and numerical estimation in right brain-damaged patients with and without neglect: Lack of support for a mental time lineJournal ArticleBritish Journal of Psychology1073467-483G P
2016Metallidou, Panayiota Effects of Different Functions of Attention on School Grades in Primary School ChildrenJournal ArticleJournal of Education and Human Development53G P
2016Moroso, AmandinePosterior lobules of the cerebellum and information processing speed at various stages of multiple sclerosisJournal ArticleJournal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & PsychiatryG P
2016Nickchen, KatharinaReversal learning reveals cognitive deficits and altered prediction error encoding in the ventral striatum in Huntington’s diseaseJournal ArticleBrain Imaging and BehaviorG P
2016Oberwelland, E.Look into my eyes: Investigating joint attention using interactive eye-tracking and fMRI in a developmental sampleJournal ArticleNeuroimage130248-260G P
2016Oostra, K. M.Damage to Fronto-Parietal Networks Impairs Motor Imagery Ability after Stroke: A Voxel-Based Lesion Symptom Mapping StudyJournal ArticleFrontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience105G P
2016Pacharra, MarleneNeurobehavioral effects of exposure to propionic acid revisited—Does psychosocial stress interfere with distractive effects in volunteers?Journal ArticleNeurotoxicology55102-111G P
2016Paladini, Rebecca E.The Influence of Alertness on the Spatial Deployment of Visual Attention is Mediated by the Excitability of the Posterior Parietal CorticesJournal ArticleCerebral CortexG P
2016Paßmann, SvenBoosting Slow Oscillatory Activity Using tDCS during Early Nocturnal Slow Wave Sleep Does Not Improve Memory Consolidation in Healthy Older AdultsJournal ArticleBrain Stimulation95730-739G P
2016Peyro Saint Paul, L.Efficacy and safety profile of memantine in patients with cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis: A randomized, placebo-controlled studyJournal ArticleJournal of the Neurological Sciences36369-76G P
2016Pflugrad, H.Cerebral microglia activation in hepatitis C virus infection correlates to cognitive dysfunctionJournal ArticleJournal of Viral HepatitisG P
2016Pomportes, LauraEffect of Carbohydrate Intake on Maximal Power Output and Cognitive PerformancesJournal ArticleSports4449G P
2016Ramm, M.Fahrtauglichkeit bei schlafmedizinischen ErkrankungenJournal ArticleKlinische Neurophysiologie473142-150G P
2016Rehse, M.Influence of Antipsychotic and Anticholinergic Loads on Cognitive Functions in Patients with SchizophreniaJournal ArticleSchizophr Res TreatmentG P
2016Rodrigues, Ana CarolinaEffects of Soccer Heading on Brain Structure and FunctionJournal ArticleFrontiers in Neurology738G P
2016Röhr, DoritOkulomotorik- und Aufmerksamkeitsprüfung als objektive Diagnoseverfahren für Fatigue bei Multipler SkleroseThesisG P
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