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Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox PCEye is a supplementary hardware for PCs with which a user's eye movements can be registered. The device is fixed below the display and connected to the computer via the USB port.

Depending on the software used, eye-movement information can be used to control simple or even complex processes on the computer with the eyes, or to record and evaluate the user's eye movements. This can, for example, conduce to control the eye movements during a task.

Together with the Tobii Dynavox software GazeViewer Tobii dynavox PCEye is especially suitable for recording eye tracking data in connection with the PSYTEST test batteries TAP, TAP-M and KiTAP.

With PCEye a fixation check can be performed with numerous subtests to ensure that the subject really fixes a specific point or area of ​​the screen (e.g. visual field test, neglect, covert shift of attention) or does not fix certain areas (e.g. active visual field). You can find out which strategy he or she follows when scanning a matrix (visual scanning) or how the subject reacts to sudden visual stimuli (e.g. eye movement, visual field test or neglect).

For many clinical and scientific questions, where the PSYTEST test batteries are used, PCEye can provide an additional value for the examiner, which goes beyond the pure reaction and reaction time measurements and makes an important contribution to the examination result.

Further information on the devices, the software and the system requirements can be found on the following pages and in the most current version at

System requirements