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With both devices the Tobii Dynavox software GazeViewer (separately available) can be used and allows the recording of the eye movements.

GazeViewer will be started at the beginning and waits in the background. Just before the start of a computer test, the program can be launched by simply pressing F7 (Record gaze and sound) or F8 (Record gaze only)..

Gaze Viewer

After starting GazeViewer the program records the complete screen content as the subject sees it and also stores the eye movements of the subject. Optionally, the sound is also recorded if a microphone is connected to the PC. At the end of the subtest, the recording is terminated by a repeated press on the F7 or F8 key. Thereafter the recording can be viewed directly, the eye movements of the subject are displayed as a so-called heat map or as a gaze plot. The recording can either be stored completely as a video with the eye movements or individual scenes can be exported as short clips. Individual snapshots can also be saved as an image:


Example of a gaze plot

Heat Map

Example of a heat map