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Visual Scanning - KiTAP

"The witches' parade"

Screenshot of the subtest "Visual Scanning"

Exploring the visual field, that is, visual scanning is a relatively complex achievement: it not only requires intact gaze control and the ability to spatially orientate attention, but also the ability to systematically scan the surroundings for relevant information. This requires the ability to intentionally control the direction of attentional focus and to plan behaviour systematically.

In this task, one will see a group of witches flying on their brooms in one direction. Occasionally a witch makes a mistake and flies in the wrong direction. This error has to be detected. The left key (key 1) should be pressed when a critical stimulus is detected. The right key (key 2) should be pressed when no critical stimulus is present.

There are two variants of this test, a simple (more easy to discriminate) and a difficult (more difficult to discriminate) one.

Execution time: approx. 12-15 minutes