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Sustained Attention - KiTAP

"The ghosts ball"

Screenshot of the subtest "Sustained Attention"

In this task the effortful maintenance of selective attention over a longer span of time is tested. In contrast to vigilance, where performance requires the detection of infrequent stimuli that are hard to discriminate and are presented under experimental conditions of extreme monotony, the demands with sustained attention are more complex. So the conditions of sustained attention or concentration are more characteristic of the demands of daily life.

This task requires the comparison of a stimulus with a subsequent stimulus in order to determine whether these two stimuli have a predetermined stimulus feature in common. The stimuli to be compared are ghosts of different colour that appear consecutively at different windows of a castle ruin. This procedure places demands on working memory and flexibility, and in a more complex variant, on the ability to divide attention, since two of the stimulus aspects has to be observed.

Execution time: 10 minutes