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Sustained Attention - TAP 2.3.1

Sustained attention is not an ability that can be captured by a single type of task. On the contrary, continued maintenance of attention is required in tasks with very different cognitive demands, ranging from simple stimulus detection tasks to tasks with a high cognitive load.

Concentrating on a task is a typical requirement in working life. This involves focusing attention on a mentally demanding activity for a sustained period of time.

In this test, a sequence of stimuli is presented on the monitor. The stimuli vary in a range of feature dimensions: colour, shape, size and filling (see Fig. 2.20). A target stimulus occurs whenever it corresponds in one or the other of two predetermined stimulus dimensions with the preceding stimulus (e.g. the same shape but with different colour, size and filling). In order to adapt the difficulty of the task to the performance level of a subject, different levels of difficulty, that is, reactions to "shape" only or to "colour or shape", may be selected.

Screenshot of the subtest "Sustained Attention" of TAP 2.3

The instruction screen of the subtest "Sustained attention" of TAP 2.3 (to get a larger view (1024*768) - opening in a new browser window - please click on the image)

Execution time: 15 minutes