System requirements

The following system requirements have to be given for using the TAP programs:

There is possibly a display problem concerning 2nd Generation Intel Core-i Processors with Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000.
(see this separate item in the FAQ)

  • Local PC with operating system Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
    Currently the TAP programs can't be used with Windows 8 and Windows 10
    • The TAP programs are designated only for installations on a local PC. Installation on a server within a network and use e.g. from a terminal at another place is not possible.
    • Because of too large latency times a virtual machine is not suitable to perform measurements
    • Regarding Vista/7 please note the additional details in a separate part of the FAQ.
  • Minimal screen resolution: 1024*768 (TAP and TAP-M), 800*600 (KiTAP) (particularly important when using netbooks)
  • Sound output
  • CD-ROM drive
  • TAP 2.3, KiTAP 1.5, TAP-M 1.3 - USB-Port (for connecting the reaction keys)
  • USB port (for connecting the USB security device)