Distractibility - KiTAP

"The sad and the happy ghost"

Screenshot of the subtest "Distractibility"

One of the fundamental aspects of focused attention is the ability to intentionally maintain control over the focus of attention in complex situations and under distracting conditions. Younger children in particular stand out because of their high level of distractibility, through which they frequently loose sight of their goals from one moment to the next when something else captures their attention. A low degree of distractibility is therefore an important prerequisite for concentrated work and is of particular importance for schoolchildren.

The purpose of this test is to perform a centrally presented decision task, while in half the trials a distracting stimulus appears in the periphery of the visual field. The central stimulus, a cheerful or sad ghost, is designed so that the distinction between cheerful and sad is only possible by focusing visually.

Execution time: 3 minutes


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